The Pit of Despair

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I don't know about a mini-biography - the subject is almost always the worst author, and I'm no exception. I'll start with the narrow confines of my major project: home improvement.

It's currently the almost biggest consumer of my life-energy. It's art! It's engineering! It's endless...

So, what's on the agenda?
- Flip the livinging room and kitchen in my house. I live on a lake, and the house was built backwards. Big picture window out toward the raod, tiny postage stamp window in the kitchen looking out over the lake. Sure, we fixed some of the few issues with the octagon post-and-beam addition, but time to fix this issue.
- Now and then updates on my slum^H^H^H^H fabulous rental house at MTU.

But a journal only covering home improvement? For public consumption, yes, for friends, more stuff. I don't claim it's any more interesting, just more.